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Build Safe Program

Foundations and FEMA Codes

  • Foundations will range from 4’-7’ above grade
  • The finished first floor will be at a minimum of 2’ above flood zone elevation
  • Foundations are engineered with anchoring and connection systems
  • Foundations are designed and engineered to withstand floodwater pressures using Smart Vent Technology

120 MPH Wind Zone Requirements

  • All homes in the 120mph wind zone are engineered and designed to resist wind forces and high speed bursts of wind up to 120mph.
  • Engineered foundation anchoring.
  • Maximum framing spans, openings, heights, overhangs and other framing requirements.
  • Roofs - Maximum framing member spans, roof openings, and 12/12 roof pitch.
  • Engineered framing connections, bracing, strapping, design and material requirements.

Sample Floor Plans Designed For Flood Zones

The following floor plans were designed for areas of Long Island affected by Hurricane Sandy. They are often unique to a certain area such as Long Beach or a specific site. The following floor plans are a representation of custom designed homes for Massapequa, Bellmore, Breezy Point, Seaford, Long Beach and Freeport. We are offering custom designed homes at the same price as predesigned homes.

Built Flood Zone Modular Home

Long Island Modular Homes is an experienced flood zone builder. Our previously built homes in the flood zones suffered very little to no damage during Hurricane Sandy.

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